Our Solutions:

Solutions by Company Size

Small Business

For small businesses, SNS can take care of all your information technology (IT) functions.

Our professionals can serve as your entire IT department, managing all technology components and day-to-day operations. That includes your phone systems, servers, networking and help desk – even the installation of equipment like printers and scanners.

We also help you with your capital and strategic planning, taking into account your current needs and your plans for future growth.

Mid-size Business

Growing organizations have complex technology and staffing needs.

From a tech perspective, you have to be concerned with the information systems that got your business to where it is today. But you know your needs will change.SNS can help you assess your current information technology (IT) capabilities, recommend upgrades and repairs, and draw a roadmap that prepares you for future growth – while keeping expenses in check.

As for staffing, even as you grow, your organization may not have or need a full-time IT team. But your systems have to be responsive and highly available – so you need to guard against over-relying on only one person or small team.

Working with SNS guarantees you continuity in IT staffing.  Depending on your needs, our professionals can serve as members of your internal IT department – managing, monitoring and maintaining your technology infrastructure. Or we can provide thorough, consistent support as advisors to your technology staff. Whichever choice you make, SNS will provide you peace of mind.

Large Business

Mature businesses typically rely on fully formed internal information technology (IT) teams to manage their day-to-day tech operations. The experience professionals of SNS can serve as a trusted partner, advising on large-scale IT initiatives.

SNS can complement your IT organization, providing product recommendations and systems design, planning and execution. Our highly trained professionals will procure and install equipment, offer troubleshooting assistance and provide training to your employees.