Networking & Monitoring

Growing businesses need technology that will expand with them.

You may want routing between multiple sites and home offices or wireless accommodations for your remote workforce. You may opt for a virtual local area network (VLAN) to secure your information and devices. It all begins with your network.

SNS can help you with:

  • Routing, carriers and telecommunications: We design large-scale, multisite, international networks, working with all the major carriers.
  • Network switching: SNS manages projects ranging from standard managed switches for a small office, to powered switches that provide quality-of-service and power to Internet Protocol (IP) phones.
  • Virtual Private networking: We design, implement and support site-to-site networks, connecting to buildings directly or by wireless; build interoffice secure-access wireless networks; and connect large buildings or warehouses with handheld devices.
  • Security, compliance and auditing services.

SNS around the clock:

  • Around-the-Clock Monitoring: This enables you to monitor the status of your business’ network, as well as your historic and current run reports. SNS keeps your organization on track by examining your network 24/7 and responding to agreed-upon thresholds to ensure an always-on environment. If problems arise, we can solve them in a short time.
  • Web-Based Alerts: Our reporting services give you instant access to our web-based ALERT system. As a result, you’ll see the status of your business’s network reports, as well as your historic and current run reports.
  • Another Team Member: Team SNS works alongside your information technology (IT) staff to help with overflow or tackle special projects that augment your organization’s current technology.