Premier Regularly Scheduled Visit Plan (PRSVP)

Our Premier Regularly Scheduled Visit Program (PRSVP) helps technology-dependent businesses of all sizes perform at peak levels.

How does the PRSVP work for you? If you have a small company, PRSVP means that SNS can serve as your entire IT staff.

We monitor, manage and maintain your technology infrastructure for a flat monthly fee. We assist with your strategic and capital planning for immediate and long-term technology needs.

Personal service from Team SNS:

  • Three SNS engineers and a technical manager dedicated to your organization
  • Workweek help-desk services for your staff
  • After-hours support for home-office users, traveling employees or consultants
  • Unlimited Level I (L1), Level II (L2) and Level III (L3) support

What to expect with PRSVP:

  • Around-the-clock monitoring of systems, servers and networks
  • Engineering site visits – weekly, monthly, whatever your needs are
  • Quarterly strategic planning meetings
  • Network Operations Center (NOC) services: Coordinated software updates for servers, desktops, laptops and networking equipment