Going virtual lets businesses break free from the hardware, operating systems and networks that tie them down. Virtual systems and networks can help your company operate more simply and efficiently, saving you time and money.

Do you want to connect with partners, customers and employees without having to reinvest in new hardware every few years? Would you like to leverage cloud computing? May you use distributed architecture to reach workers that are spread among multiple locations? Virtualization with SNS allows your information technology (IT) systems to easily grow with you as your organization expands.

As your organization expands, your information technology (IT) systems can easily grow with you.

SNS can set up your organization’s applications – such as Exchange, SQL or the web – to exist across your entire server infrastructure. SNS can virtualize your entire infrastructure using VMware or offer a server on our mainframe virtualized infrastructure.

How you benefit from virtualizing with SNS:

  • Reduce physical system inventory by maximizing hardware capabilities and efficiencies
  • Build a highly available infrastructure through Implementation of a storage area network in conjunction with VMware
  • Position your business for future growth with minimal hardware investment
  • Reduce overall energy and cooling costs
  • “Go Green” by reducing the carbon footprint of your organization