Using Your Computer Password to Make Changes in Your Life

Change Your Life With PasswordsComputer security is ever present. Both at work and home, we are regularly required to create a password to log on to our computer and our favorite websites. Often, there are many requirements needed to create a password. For example, we must sometimes use at least one uppercase, a lowercase letter, at least one symbol and one number. Then, the entire password ALSO has to be at least eight characters! It can definitely get frustrating.

Here’s an idea: If we have to put so much thought into creating a password, why not create a phrase that could change our lives?

What is a positive change you want to make in your life? Perhaps you want to improve your sleep habits, how much your exercise you get, or how many ounces of water you drink. Something as simple as a password can actually help you make those changes possible.

Think about it! In creating your ‘life changing’ password, you are making a mental commitment to that improvement. Getting your intention out of your head is a great first step! Repeating this intention by entering your ‘life changing’ password throughout the day will keep you focused on your goal.

Need some suggestions to get you started? Here are some possible ‘life changing’ password combinations:

  • Exercise more: Wlk4timesaweek!
  • Eat healthier: EatVeg1nceaday!
  • Get more sleep: Go2bed@9!
  • Drink more water: DrinkH2O!
  • Practice gratitude: beGr8tful!
  • Call your mother: UcallM0m?

We’d love to hear how you are leveraging passwords to make positive changes in your life. Visit our Facebook page and share your ‘life changing’ codes!