Zepto (Crypto Virus)  

In the past week we have seen several clients infected with the latest version
of Crypto virus called Zepto, yet another variation of a data encrypting virus. Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 11.58.18 AM
There are many ways that you can become infected with this ransomware. Zepto ransomeware is mainly spread through a botnet delivering a vast amount of spam e-mails or through malicious advertising. The code that infects you often hides in interactive advertisements such as pop-ups & full-page ads.

Upon opening the file, the encryption process begins and can remain unnoticed at first and oftentimes remains undetected until after all personal files on the compromised machine have been encrypted.

SNS would like to caution users to check their e-mails and look closely at the sender. The virus tends to imitate the email of an internal sender or a “scanner”.  If you receive an e-mail from
within your organization with an attachment be cautious when opening. If you receive/open any
e-mail that ends with .dotm or see any unusual e-mails please contact us and we will be happy
to assist. Learn more about Zepto Virus.