Founded in 2002, SNS is a multi-service IT company providing mission-critical solutions.

As your trusted technical advisor, we’re known for going above-and-beyond to get to the heart of your greatest challenges and execute strategic initiatives … all so you can focus on what you do best. Our live US-based help-desk representatives are available seven days a week, providing professional and immediate support.

Our Locations. Our Team.

Headquartered in Littleton, NH with offices in Burlington, VT, Boston, MA and Cranston, RI, our SNS team works with clients throughout the Northeast, the nation and the world. Our SNS engineers, client service professionals, and management team continue to remain highly productive with our work-from-home commitment to keep everyone safe and healthy; our collaboration tools keep us in touch so your project does not miss a beat.

Our Clients.

We create long-term relationships with clients in industries that span business services, municipalities & government, healthcare, and life sciences, to name a few. We love helping those who help others and, as a result, we work closely with several leading non-profits throughout the region. We become our clients’ partner in IT problem-solving. It’s a win-win all around.

Our Services.

Most often, you’ll find us supporting our clients’ internal networks and infrastructure, and working with them on digital transformation to cloud-based systems.

We help clients with customized support plans that provide the level of service that fits. Our strategic planning and consulting capabilities mean we eliminate the guesswork in IT, offering informed decisions on your equipment and software needs so your IT environment can grow with your business.

Our cybersecurity offerings feature 24x7x365 SOC (Security Operations Center) monitoring that incorporates machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). We regularly use technology and security audits to evaluate your current infrastructure, assess weak points and ensure compliance. We help clients determine if their vital telephone systems and communications are meeting their needs in the most cost-efficient manner.

Rising to the Challenge. Reach Out.

We’re innovators and problem solvers … people who are not afraid to rise to the challenge and people who will help develop the perfect IT solution for you, your organization and your staff.

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