Cybersecurity 2021: Avoid Damage To Your Work, Reputation, Bottom-Line

Cybersecurity is on everyone’s minds these days. And with the increase in remote workforces, COVID-19 has created more opportunities for cyber attacks. Data breaches and ransomware cause organizations serious disruption of day-to-day work, wide-ranging costs for remediation of damages and, ultimately, loss of reputation.

According to a 2020 report, 76% of all ransomware infections occur outside of working hours, with 49% taking place on weekdays, and 27% over the weekend. Basically, the bad guys break in when no one is looking. The average time to identify an intrusion is 206 days. Without monitoring, the bad actors can get in and stay in.

The likelihood of these events can be dramatically reduced by implementation of cybersecurity solutions.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Most breaches are caused by human error. Our three-step, people-centric, cybersecurity solution stops that from happening by incorporating:

        • easy-to-understand, short and visually engaging training videos and an online quiz to verify the employee’s retention of the content;
        • e-mail phishing simulations to “catch” the likely culprits from opening your system to hacks;
        • and user-orientation processes tailored to your team.

We recommend this level of screening for all companies and organizations.

Vulnerability Scanning

For those with compliance obligations, due diligence concerns and business continuity mandates, we scan any internet-exposed devices/systems periodically to find vulnerabilities to be remediated and/or documented. We discover the holes and work in conjunction with our clients to determine what needs to be fixed. We strive to address newfound vulnerabilities proactively before they get to be larger problems.

24×7 Security Operations Center

For clients with the highest compliance mandates, SNS partners with the leader in cyber security protection, Arctic Wolf, for the gold standard in Managed Detection and Response (MDR). This solution enables us to monitor all traffic in and out of the corporate/organization network, analyzing and identifying anomalies in those patterns. SNS is alerted to all actionable events (24x7x365) and takes the appropriate action immediately. In fact, with Arctic Wolf, we detect your breach in an average of thirty minutes.

Operational Improvements

There is no silver bullet despite an organization’s best efforts to be proactive and implement cybersecurity solutions. Human error is always a risk. It’s important to have measures in place to mitigate damage if credentials are breached.

Multi-Factor authentication is a great example of a simple change that can be implemented with a big security impact. Multi-factor authentication leverages added verification methods to prevent stolen credentials from being used. It’s the same way your bank requires you to enter a code sent via text when you’re on a new computer or in a different geographic location. This procedure can be easily deployed to your corporate network.

See our one-page PDF of SNS Cybersecurity 2021 Offerings here.

Pricing for our cybersecurity solutions varies depending on the size of your network, amount of data, number of users and other critical variables.

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