Cybersecurity Solutions Vital in Bank’s Defense Against Attacks

Banks continue to be heavily targeted for cyberattacks and savvy financial institutions like Norwood Bank know they need to stay in the forefront of cybersecurity protections for their assets, clients, employees and reputation.

Our SNS relationship with Norwood Bank dates back more than a decade as we continue to support the financial institution’s mission to “combine big-bank products and services with community-bank personal service.”

To satisfy the bank’s strict compliance mandates, SNS leverages the leader in cybersecurity protection, Arctic Wolf, to provide Norwood Bank with the gold standard in Managed Detection and Response (MDR). This solution enables us to monitor all traffic in and out of Norwood Bank’s corporate network, analyzing and identifying anomalies in those patterns.

SNS is alerted to all actionable events (24x7x365) and we take the appropriate steps immediately. In fact, we detect any size or type of breach in an average of thirty minutes.

Our friends at Norwood Bank can breathe a sigh of relief knowing we are keeping both their internal and customer-facing systems safe.

“Knowing qualified technicians are monitoring our systems 24/7 with the proper software tools, ensures that our data is protected and gives me peace of mind” explains Jose Da Cunha, VP/Information Technology Director.

We understand that financial institutions are governed by rigorous compliance rules and that banks like Norwood Bank are under tremendous scrutiny. At SNS, we’re here to minimize exposure to cyberthreats at every turn so Norwood Bank can continue to provide “Big bank innovations. Community bank service.”

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Reach out to Brad Mirza at SNS about solutions for your business or financial institution.

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