SNS Assists Municipality in Comprehensive Infrastructure Improvements

City of BerlinLike most municipalities the City of Berlin and its (approx.) 100 employees were faced with outdated systems, outdated hardware in need of upgrading, and weak wireless network communications. Over a 12-month period, SNS put in place a modern IT infrastructure that connected all departments, helped the police department become CJIS compliant (criminal justice information security), leveraged financing from Cisco Capital Finance, and realized costs-savings by being able to consolidate their internet connections. SNS also stepped in to handle all IT support and most recently rolled out security awareness campaigns and trainings for city employees to encourage vigilance against phishing emails and other malware schemes. Also notable, SNS provided city employees the ability to work securely from remote locations, especially crucial given the recent pandemic and severe New Hampshire climate.

“We went from long wait-times for resolution on issues to immediate problem-solving via remote support; our downtime has been dramatically reduced,” said Pamela Laflamme, Community Development Director for the City of Berlin. “There are huge public safety concerns when our network goes down so we appreciate the new infrastructure in place and the strong support behind our every IT move. In fact, SNS made it possible for us to have reliable, consistent connectivity to vital state and federal databases.”

It all starts with a solid plan for the entire IT environment which, in this case, SNS created after an extensive hands-on audit and analysis of the city’s existing systems and user needs. Municipalities and government agencies offer a complex challenge of new and old technology. Managing the challenge of bringing these systems together is something we take pride in.

To learn more about how SNS can help your municipality or government sector, reach out Heather Porter at SNS here.

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