Data Centers

Data Centers

We offer co-location from two Data Centers, in the Markley Group’s One Summer Street Data Center and from our own facility which we own and operate in Littleton, New Hampshire. The Data Centers are greater than 150 miles apart and are well connected, providing diverse and highly available locations for our clients. We offer managed or un-managed co-location services. With a dual site co-location solution we can help ensure that your applications are backed up and highly available.

Hosting & Colocation

You need assurance that your data and systems are safe. SNS offers customized data center solutions that can meet the needs of your organization, no matter the size. Learn More ›

Disaster Recovery

Are you worried about an outage? Losing touch with your technology could be devastating. SNS’s quick-response team can minimize your downtime. Learn More ›

Networking & Monitoring

How do you know your key systems are working? Around-the-clock monitoring by SNS keeps your organization on track. Learn More ›

Systems, Backup, & Security

We provide IT options that fit your budget and security that keeps your systems safe and on track. Learn More ›