Systems, Backup, & Security

Systems, Backup, & Security

Whether you’re refreshing your server, adding or updating business software, implementing an improved backup plan, or implementing virtual desktops, your virtual server(s) and their data are the backbone of your office technology and quite possibly your whole business. We can help you do it right.

SNS collaborates with clients of all sizes on decisions involving immediate and longer-term systems needs. We can help you upgrade or install new servers. The options we present you will fit your current information technology (IT) budget, while keeping in mind how your goals for your organization’s growth could affect your decision.

Features of SNS systems & security services:

    • Automated systems patching for active and off-line systems
    • Security logging and audit trails for protecting sensitive information
    • Creation and implementation of security plan for each individual system, application or device

What SNS can do for your storage and backup needs:

      • Server replication
      • Online data vaulting
      • Disaster Recovery Server snapshots and storage

Backup Tape Pickup services:

    • Scheduled pickup service to a third party media storage provider
    • Extend retention of your information and data indefinitely