Consulting and IT Services

Customized Support Plans

SNS offers customized support plans for any client size and budget. Whether you are in need of hourly support, additional support for your internal IT department or full IT support services, we can build a plan that is right for your business.

What to expect with our Network Assist Support Plan (NASP): The Network Assist Support Plan (NASP) is designed for businesses who already employ full-time IT staff or departments. We work directly with management and the staff, and rarely interact with end users. Focusing on assisting IT personnel, we help with challenging and time-consuming IT tasks, requests, and processes. Using a team approach, we improve efficiency by sharing information and solutions.

What to expect with our Premier Support Plan (PRSVP): The Premier Regularly Scheduled Visit Program (PRSVP) is designed for businesses that require consistent on-site and remote help desk support for time-consuming user issues. Through this program, we work as part of your team by assisting end users with common everyday issues. In addition, we are responsible for monitoring the technology systems and infrastructure that support your business. We provide both short and long-term consulting with your management team to ensure your technology systems are in-line with your organization’s goal

Strategic Planning & Consulting

At SNS we strive to understand your business operation and objectives, so that we may provide you with the tools and leadership required to keep you moving in the right direction. Our team of professionals works closely with leading technology vendors, bringing you innovative strategic planning and proven methodology to assure success.

Do you want to connect with partners, customers and employees without having to reinvest in new hardware every few years or leverage cloud computing? Virtualization with SNS allows your information technology (IT) systems to easily grow with you as your organization expands. Contact us to learn more!

Technology and Security Audits

With the growing concern regarding compliance with regulatory requirements, and the threat of security breaches, IT security is now an essential component to your company’s business planning.

Through network assessments, we will review your existing network to help find the best solutions to improve the way you access, store, and use data. A comprehensive security assessment will allow us to address potential problems before they occur, saving you money and downtime, and helping to increase your company’s efficiency and productivity. Working with SNS will give you peace of mind, knowing that your security obligations are met, and in line with industry standards

What does an SNS Security Assessment Entail?


• Discover how your company is operating its IT infrastructure.
• Discover weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and threats.
• Network, system, and host security.
• Risks associated with BYOD. (Bring Your Own Device)
• Enterprise mobility.


• Regulatory compliance.
• Password protocol and policies.
• Personnel and workstation access.
• Authentication and access control.
• Recommend solutions that fit with your needs and budget.

Telephone Systems & Telephony

Just like your email and web presence, your phones simply have to work all the time. More than that, your phone system should be a tool that enhances your business performance.

Our team will work with you to identify your organization’s telecommunications needs. If a change to your legacy phone arrangement is advisable, we’ll help you select a system that properly integrates with your current infrastructure. Often, IP telephony – also known as Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VOIP – is a cost-effective solution.

Features of the SNS telephony program:

• Phone system management assistance for our IT support clients.
• Standalone phone management service.
• SNS works directly with phone system vendors on your hardware and software support requests.
• Procurement and support of Cisco Systems and Mitel Solutions.

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