Customized Support Plan

Customized Support Plan

Every business has different needs for on-site and remote IT support.

We understand that your business may need more or less support than a standard solution provides. As a uniquely flexible service provider, our goal is to give you a level of service that is “just right.”

We customize our support plans for each customer to accommodate their individual needs and budgets.

Whether you need more frequent on-site time, none at all, or anything in between, it is up to you. Contact us for a consultation to discuss your unique needs, challenges, and opportunities.

Network Assist Support Plan (NASP)

Does your business need a trusted outside technology advisor? The Network Assist Support Plan (NASP) boosts the information-technology capabilities of companies with full-time IT administrators, or even entire departments.

NASP is for organizations that value additional IT expertise, but don’t require the full-fledged services of our Premier Regularly Scheduled Visit Program (PRSVP). With the NASP, our engineers and managers help your staff with monitoring, regular IT planning meetings, reporting and ticketing tools, emergency support and consultation. All of this at a flat monthly rate.

Personal service from Team SNS:

What to expect with NASP:

Premier Regularly Scheduled Visit Plan (PRSVP)

Our Premier Regularly Scheduled Visit Program (PRSVP) helps technology-dependent businesses of all sizes perform at peak levels.

How does the PRSVP work for you? If you have a small company, PRSVP means that SNS can serve as your entire IT staff. We monitor, manage and maintain your technology infrastructure for a flat monthly fee. We assist with your strategic and capital planning for immediate and long-term technology needs.

Personal service from Team SNS:

What to expect with PRSVP: