Security Audits

Security Audits

SNS provides IT security consulting services to help organizations understand and address a variety of potential risks and issues:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Network, system, and host security
  • Password protocol and policies
  • Personnel access and user workstations
  • Enterprise mobility
  • Risks associated with BYOD
  • Authentication and access control

SNS performs in-depth audits that serve as a basis for evaluating an organization’s current security posture. We also offer ongoing monthly services and custom consulting programs. We base our level of service on the client’s specific issues or on a project basis.

We keep each organization within compliance parameters in today’s ever-changing regulatory and technology environments. Currently, SNS has customers who face SOX, HIPPA, PCI, FINRA, and many other compliances.

In addition, government contracts, police departments, FBI, and other similar information systems have very specific security needs. We are well-equipped and very experienced with these requirements at every tier.

SNS can also complete thorough penetration testing of your systems and network. We will identify security vulnerabilities, and assess risk. We run through a variety of scenarios and test theories on issues that could lead to service interruption, network breach, and unauthorized misuse, alteration, or destruction of confidential information. We want to expose any weaknesses before it’s too late.

Whether you need us live on-site, remotely, or some combination, we are here to help address all of your security concerns.