Who We Are

Meet our Team

Kevin Low
CEo & founder

Kevin founded SNS in 2002 from his Boston area apartment. He wanted to find a better way to support IT for clients who depended on him to keep their business’s IT operations always running and finely tuned. Today Kevin oversees Team SNS and helps SNS achieve its goals by working with his awesome band of chiefs and directors. Kevin is the proud father of 3 incredible kids, an avid boater, skier, and RVer. He can always be found listening to music, marches to the beat of his own drum, and is proud of the fine band he has assembled.

Brad Mirza
Executive Vice President

An integral member of the SNS family for more than fifteen years, Brad Mirza is Executive Vice President of SNS, where he heads our Rhode Island office, working closely with SNS’s growing client list and team roster in the Providence, Boston and Southeastern New England regions.

He is known for his strong advocacy for SNS clients and his unswerving customer service focus. On any given day, Brad can be found generating client solutions and advising clients, digging into the finance function of the company, managing vendor and distribution channel partnerships, and ensuring the well-being of our talented SNS team. He is part of the four-person management team guiding SNS forward in the ever-changing technology world.

Brad has been actively involved behind the scenes for the annual Meeting Street Telethon, providing critical support and improvements over the years to the event’s technology infrastructure and process.

Outside the office, Brad enjoys cooking and traveling to different sports destinations throughout the country, rooting for all the local Boston sports teams as well as his alma mater, the URI Rams. He lives with his wife and four grade-school-age children in Cranston and is an occasional volunteer coach for Cranston League for Cranston’s Future (CLCF) sports programs.

Kristy Hogan
Chief Operating officer

As Chief Operating Officer, Kristy is responsible for it all … from the engineering and technical arm, client interface and customer service relationships, and all day-to-day operations. She is a vital member of the four-person executive team steering SNS in the managed solutions and IT marketplace.

Kristy joined SNS in 2011 as a help desk technician. From there, she assumed customer service roles and held the position of chief service officer. She is known for her unswerving commitment to SNS clients, with established robust, long-term relationships. She makes sure clients are always up-and-running, their networks and infrastructure are appropriately secured, and they are on top of the latest technologies to improve business productivity.

Kristy is a jack-of-all-trades and, yes, the company fixer. “Kristy is the heartbeat of our service organization. Her excellent communication skills with both customers and our staff result in super service across the board. Kristy is one of the most hardworking individuals I know and I am privileged to call her a colleague,” shares EVP Brad Mirza.

Outside of the office, Kristy can be found spending time with her two children on the soccer field or at bagpipe competitions. She loves her boot-camp workouts and participates in Boot Camps for a Cause. She walks for Meeting Street, the Susan G. Comen Breast Cancer Race for the Cure and other charitable initiatives.

Matt Chavez
Chief technology officer

Matt joined the SNS team in 2014 and today leads the SNS technology function as Chief Technology Officer, crafting and designing technology solutions for our clients in all industries.

He works with the COO and her team of engineers, manages a team of a half-dozen of his own engineers, and assists the sales group and project managers define and implement deliverables to improve-upgrade-protect SNS clients’ infrastructures. Most importantly, Matt knows that the solutions we implement today need to stand the test of time for years to come; that’s no small feat in an industry that is constantly evolving, both in terms of opportunities and challenges.

“Matt is a dedicated technology leader who looks out for the best interest of our clients. Matt’s candid style and easygoing personality make him especially valuable on the client-facing front; our clients appreciate this and his dedication to executing projects on time. He gets the job done,” shared Brad Mirza, SNS Executive Vice President.

Prior to joining SNS, Matt spent seven years at industry leader Dell Technologies, where he learned many of the skills and strategies he brings to SNS today. An Oklahoma native and now a resident of California where he lives with his wife Diana and two cats, Matt can be found after hours on a variety of handyman projects or repairing, detailing and racing cars. He has been sponsoring a child through Child Fund International for two years. https://www.childfund.org/
Heather Porter

Heather is the primary contact for key SNS clients, managing the fast-paced world of technology for them. Heather’s day can often be spent translating the engineering tech-talk into a clear and concise IT recommendation and budget. Heather helps make things simple for our clients, and ensures that they easily understand IT. She is married, has 2 boys, and is an identical twin. Her alter ego stage name is Julie and her favorite Karaoke song is Copa Cabana.

Josh Abrams
project manager partner

Josh works with all of the departments at SNS making the services we deliver easier for the client. He can be found working behind the scenes at SNS, interfacing between sales and engineering, interfacing with clients on projects, or fixing systems and processes on the back end. Josh is one of the originals and has been with SNS from the beginning. Outside of the office Josh loves doing home projects, rooting for the Boston Celtics, and being a Dad raising 3 wonderful children with his wife Royale in Massachusetts.

Community Involvement

Our commitment to our clients goes beyond the typical 9-5 work week. We don’t only work hard to keep our clients moving forward, we work hard to keep our community moving forward.

We participate in numerous charitable opportunities and events and hope that by showcasing some of our charitable efforts we can help promote organizations that are doing the same across New England and inspire others to join in.

While a company can make a contribution through charitable donations, we believe it is equally important to use our organizational and financial strength to help our employees serve the community. We encourage our employees to make a difference in the world and in their own backyard.

Our charitable activities do more than promote good will; They reflect our values and build a sense of purpose among the people within our company. Our community service reminds us that we’re about more than financial gain, we are committed to making real contributions to our communities, large and small.