Client Case Studies

You can learn a lot about a business from the companies it keeps. At SNS, we keep our eye on the long term. We enjoy the success of our clients. We think they’re happy with ours, too.

Their stories show you what working with SNS means.


Staffing and Employee Placement – Boston – Client Since 2007
350+ Employees

Beacon Hill began with a handful of offices and was growing quickly. With new offices opening across the country, including flexible “microsites,” it wouldn’t have been cost-effective to purchase desktops for each new employee and devote significant technical support resources to each one. That approach also could have left the company susceptible to steep hardware expenses.

Instead, SNS recommended that Beacon Hill move to a virtualized term server farm connecting from thin clients – which are smaller and more efficient machines than traditional desktops. The advantage of thin clients is they can be replaced easily and user can connect into the term server with all their data intact.

Beacon Hill made the decision to move to thin clients. That kept its costs in check and gave it an agile information technology (IT) environment.


Architecture and Interior Design – Boston – Client Since 2005
65 Employees

In 2005, SNS began a project for Bergmeyer to introduce new server and storage infrastructure that would replace most of the company’s existing servers. The result has been a more efficient, greener and better protected information technology (IT) system. Bergmeyer’s back-office network was a novel-directory driven environment with Windows and Linux servers on hardware ranging from three to 10 years old. Its main application systems are Deltek Vision for Accounting, CRM & ERP, Exchange for email, NewForma for BIM and desktop-level applications such as MS Office, AutoDesk Revit for BIM and the Adobe CS Suites for graphics.

The goal of the project was to install new systems that would allow many back-office applications to be upgraded to supported versions. This new infrastructure enabled us to build out new directory servers to replace older novel systems.

We moved Bergmeyer’s Exchange email system to this virtual environment and upgraded it from the 2003 version to the 2010 version. SNS also upgraded Bergmeyer’s main project management suite. Because of the power of the new servers, we were able to consolidate from five systems to two.

The current footprint of the servers fills about two full cabinets of 48U. Once completed, the new footprint will easily fit in one cabinet and require much less power and cooling to operate.

As the final part of the project, SNS is creating a disaster recovery site at our facility. We have installed a fiber service that allows for 10Mb/sec transfer data between SNS and Bergmeyer. Using the Doubletake software suite, we will be able to replicate all of Bergmeyer’s virtual servers and data to our site, protecting against a catastrophic data loss.



Initially, Complete Medical Lists (CML) contacted SNS for networking support. After losing their main contact at another IT services provider, they found themselves in a tough spot. Tim Burnell, Managing Partner of CML remembered that Kevin Lowe had paid a friendly visit a few months prior, so he reached out to see what SNS might be able to do to help.

SNS saved the day, starting with an initial service agreement. Since then, CML’s needs have run the gamut from “uneventful” to “a complete run of misbehaving computers, with a new support ticket every other day.”

Tim reports, “It’s been a pleasure working with SNS. They have allowed us to spend very little time thinking about network stuff and more time doing our thing. When computer or network issues do arise their support team is very accommodating and helpful. And, they don’t laugh at us even when it’s probably justified!”


SW Development for Financial Services – Boston – Client Since 2009
80 Employees (30 US / 50 UK)

COR FS made the transition to SNS two years ago to increase the efficiency of its information technology (IT). As a subscriber to SNS’s Premier Regularly Scheduled Visit Program (PRSVP), COR welcomes members of Team SNS every week and works with SNS’s help desk to resolve issues.

SNS has also helped COR craft its IT strategy, developing a technology investment budget for current network needs while planning for long-term growth. COR also uses SNS as a disaster recovery location to ensure their global operations remain available.


Nonprofit Organization – Canton, Massachusetts – Client Since 2008
10 Employees

Tourism Cares, Inc., a small nonprofit organization, needed to upgrade an aging server and make a decision about its information technology (IT) facilities.

As the group grew, it converted a spare office into a server room. The space lacked the cooling capacity needed to create a proper environment for the server. The cost of an air conditioning system for the server would have shifted vital resources away from its core mission.

Tourism Cares, Inc. decided instead to have the server hosted in the controlled environment of the SNS data center. The move to SNS saved the group money; used less energy, providing a green solution; and freed up some much-needed office space.

The organization also chose SNS’s managed backup service, powered by Double Take software. Now, the key data and systems of Tourism Cares, Inc. are safely archived on disk and tape.